White Mage

HD: d6
Class Skills: Affability, Ciphers, Concentration, Cultures, Healing, Mysticism, Psychology
Skill Points: 2 per level

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special 0 1 2 3
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Spellcasting, Archetype, Turn Undead 5 4 - -
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Lesser Archetype Power 6 5 - -
3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 Sacred Secrets 6 6 3 -
4th +2 +1 +1 +4 Moderate Archetype Power 6 6 4 -
5th +2 +1 +1 +4 Faithful Strike 6 6 5 3
6th +3 +2 +2 +5 Greater Archetype Power, Capstone SLA 6 6 6 4

Proficiencies: The white mage is proficient with light armor and simple weapons. He does not suffer from arcane failure while in light armor, though he suffers normally from all other kinds of armor and shields.

Spellcasting: The white mage casts arcane spells from a specialized list, which is included below. The white mage need not prepare spells ahead of time – he may spontaneously cast any spell on his list from the appropriate slot. He still requires eight hours of rest to refresh his spells. His sole casting stat is Wisdom, which dictates both the DC of his spells and his bonus spells. To cast a spell, the white mage must have a Wisdom score equal to 10 + the level of spell in question.

Turn Undead: The white mage may turn undead as a cleric of his level. He may do so a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier.

Lesser Archetype Power: At 2nd level, the white mage chooses one of the archetypes from the list below. Once made, this choice is final. He gains the appropriate lesser power for his archetype. He also adds the listed spells to his spell list when he is capable of casting that level of spells.

Sacred Secrets: At 3rd level, the white mage gains an untyped +2 bonus to both Heal and Knowledge (religion).

Moderate Archetype Power: At 4th level, the white mage gains the appropriate power for his archetype.

Faithful Strike: At 5th level, the white mage’s attacks are considered to be good-aligned for the purpose of penetrating damage reduction.

Greater Archetype Power: At 6th level, the white mage gains the appropriate power for his archetype.

Capstone SLA: At 6th level, the white mage gains the ability to cast a particular spell as an SLA 1/day, as appropriate for his archetype. His caster level is equal to his hit dice, and the DC of the spell, if applicable, is equal to 10 + 1/2 his hit dice + his Wisdom modifier.

White Mage Spell List

White Mage Archetypes

  • Bonus Spells:
  • Capstone SLA: Divine Power or Recitation
  • Lesser Archetype Power: A champion is proficient with medium and heavy armor, and may ignore any arcane spell failure while wearing them.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: A champion gains a +2 sacred bonus on attack and damage rolls against evil outsiders and undead.
  • Greater Archetype Power Anytime a champion casts a spell that gives himself or an ally a bonus to attack, increase the amount of that bonus by one.
  • Bonus Spells:
  • Capstone SLA: Death Ward or Restoration
  • Lesser Archetype Power: Anytime a healer grants fast healing with a spell, increase the amount granted by one.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: Dying allies within thirty feet of a healer lose hit points at half the normal rate (one every two rounds), and have twice the normal chance of stabilizing (20%).
  • Greater Archetype Power: Three times per day, a healer may cast a [healing] spell that is automatically empowered without increasing the casting time or the slot used.
  • Bonus Spells:
  • Capstone SLA: Diamond Spray or Summon Hound Archon
  • Lesser Archetype Power: A mystic qualifies for exalted feats even if his alignment is not exalted, or even good, and may use Sanctified spells no matter what his alignment is. In addition, he gains a bonus to overcome spell resistance against evil opponents equal to the number of exalted feats he possesses (to a maximum of +5).
  • Moderate Archetype Power: A mystic always rolls the lowest possible result when determining the sacrificial component of Sanctified spells, and longer needs to adhere to the abstinence component.
  • Greater Archetype Power A mystic gains a pair of angelic wings that allow him to fly at his base land speed, with good maneuverability.
  • Bonus Spells:
  • Capstone SLA: Discern Lies or Scrying
  • Lesser Archetype Power: An oracle gains Spot and Listen as class skills, and receives a +4 insight bonus to both skills.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: An oracle always has the maximum chance for a correct answer on spells like Augury or Divination.
  • Greater Archetype Power: All divination spells cast by an oracle are automatically extended, and the oracle is always considered to have at least firsthand knowledge of whatever target he chooses when using his Scrying SLA.
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White Mage

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