HD: d12
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Affability, Athletics, Concentration, Cultures, Endurance, Intimidation, Jump, Perception, Psychology
Skill Points: 4 per level

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Class Features Maneuvers Known Maximum Maneuver Level
1st +1 +2 +0 +0 Maneuvers, Warding 2 1
2nd +2 +3 +0 +0 Lesser Archetype Feature 3 1
3rd +3 +3 +1 +1 Clear and Present Danger 4 2
4th +4 +4 +1 +1 Moderate Archetype Feature 5 2
5th +5 +4 +1 +1 Battlefield Awareness 6 3
6th +6 +5 +2 +2 Greater Archetype Feature, Immovable Object 7 3

The sentinel is proficient with light, medium, and heavy armor, as well as all shields (including tower shields). He is proficient with simple and martial weapons.


The sentinel has the ability to learn and initiate Maneuvers, and selects one discipline to learn maneuvers from. He knows two 1st level maneuvers from that discipline; at least one of them must be a stance. Every level after the first, he learns an additional maneuver, gaining access to 2nd level maneuvers at 3rd, and 3rd level maneuvers at 5th. These maneuvers are each usable once per encounter, except for stances.


As a move action, the sentinel can designate one ally within his reach. Until his next turn, as long as that ally remains in his reach, that ally is considered to be “Warded”, and benefits from soft cover (+4 AC) against all attacks. However, he suffers a -2 penalty to AC for every ally he is warding. A 3rd level sentinel can Ward two allies, and a 5th level sentinel can Ward three; designating multiple creatures is still a move action.

The sentinel’s reach also extends by 5 feet.

Lesser Archetype Feature

At 2nd level, the sentinel chooses one of the archetypes from the list below. Once made, this choice is final. He gains the appropriate lesser feature for his archetype.

Clear and Present Danger

At 3rd level, any opponent who attacks one of the sentinel’s Warded allies provokes an attack of opportunity from the sentinel. If the opponent is within his reach, the sentinel can resolve this attack normally. Otherwise, or if the sentinel chooses, he can attempt to parry the opponent’s attack by rolling higher on his attack roll; if he succeeds, the opponent’s attack is negated.

The sentinel also gains one additional attack of opportunity per round.

Moderate Archetype Feature

At 4th level, the sentinel gains the appropriate moderate feature for his archetype.

Battlefield Awareness

At 5th level, the sentinel and his warded allies can not be flanked by an opponent one of the others threatens, nor can they be caught flat-footed by an opponent at least one of them is aware of.

Greater Archetype Feature

At 6th level, the sentinel gains the appropriate greater feature for his archetype.

Immovable Object

At 6th level, once per encounter, the sentinel may make use of one of the three following abilities:

  • Mass Counterattack: When the sentinel makes an attack of opportunity, all Warded allies can move up to their speed and attack that opponent. This is a free action for them and does not use up one of their attacks of opportunity.
  • Peerless Bodyguard: As an immediate action, the sentinel grants one of his Warded allies total cover for one round.
  • Stalwart Defender: As a swift action, the sentinel can increase his reach by 10ft, and all allies within his new reach are considered Warded. These effects last until his next turn.

Bastion (Archetype)

Aegis (Lesser Archetype Feature)

While a bastion wears a shield, he and all of his Warded allies have Evasion.

Shield Ward (Moderate Archetype Feature)

When the bastion fights defensively, his Warded allies gain the same AC bonus that he does. The bastion also gains Mettle.

Total Aegis (Greater Archetype Feature)

While the bastion wears a shield, he and all of his Warded allies have Improved Evasion. The bastion no longer suffers a -2 penalty to attack for wielding a tower shield.

Champion (Archetype)

Guarded Initiator (Lesser Archetype Feature)

A champion may learn Maneuvers from one additional discipline, chosen when he selects this archetype. He learns a 1st-level stance from that discipline in addition to the maneuver he normally learns this level, and learns two maneuvers every level hereafter instead of one. As a free action, whenever a champion fights defensively for a round, he can recover a single maneuver of a level no greater than the penalty he took on his attack roll.

Rising Spirit (Moderate Archetype Feature)

Anytime the champion successfully executes a maneuver, he or one of his Warded allies is granted a number of temporary HP equal to twice the level of the maneuver. These temporary HP do not stack and last for one minute.

Fighting Challenge (Greater Archetype Feature)

If an opponent is successfully damaged by the champion using a strike, and the opponent fails to affect him with an attack or ability during its subsequent turn, the champion adds his level to all damage rolls against that target on his next turn.

Landsknecht (Archetype)

Thicket of Spears (Lesser Archetype Feature)

Any opponent moving into a landsknecht’s reach is considered to be charging, giving it a -2 penalty to AC (though no positive benefits unless it was actually already charging) and allowing the landsknecht to do double damage with a readied action to attack and a weapon set against a charge. In additions, the landsknecht may attack adjacent opponents with reach weapons.

Stand Still (Moderate Archetype Feature)

If the landsknecht successfully hits and damages an opponent with an attack of opportunity while the opponent is moving through his threatened area, the opponent must immediately stop moving and cannot move further that round.

One-Man Phalanx (Greater Archetype Feature)

All squares threatened by the landsknecht are considered difficult terrain for his opponents. Weapons that can be set against a charge always deal double damage when the landsknecht makes an attack of opportunity with them, just as if he had readied an action and the opponent was charging.

Praetorian (Archetype)

Swarm Tactics (Lesser Archetype Feature)

A praetorian and his Warded allies gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls for each ally currently being warded. The praetorian also adds twice that amount to his damage rolls.

Pack Tactics (Moderate Archetype Feature)

The praetorian can switch places with a Warded ally as an immediate action. Whenever the praetorian flanks with a Warded ally, or two of his Warded allies with each other, the bonuses both characters receive are doubled.

Horde Tactics (Greater Archetype Feature)

Whenever an opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from the praetorian, all Warded allies that threaten the opponent may make a free attack against it. This does not count as an attack of opportunity for them.

Something (Archetype)

** (Lesser Archetype Feature)
** (Moderate Archetype Feature)
** (Greater Archetype Feature)

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