HD: d8
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Affability, Appraisal, Athletics, Bluff, Cultures, Devices, Disguises, Escape Artistry, Intimidation, Jump, Legerdemain, Luminance, Mysticism, Perception, Psychology, Stealth, Survival
Skill Points: 8 per level

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1st +0 +0 +2 +0 Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding
2nd +1 +0 +3 +0 Lesser Archetype Power
3rd +2 +1 +3 +1 Sneak Attack +2d6, Exit Strategy
4th +3 +1 +4 +1 Moderate Archetype Power
5th +3 +1 +4 +1 Sneak Attack +3d6, Underhanded Tactics
6th +4 +2 +5 +2 Greater Archetype Power, A Dash of Rogue


The scoundrel is proficient with light armor and bucklers. He is proficient with simple weapons, the rapier, the longsword, the shortbow, the short sword, the sap, and the hand crossbow.

Sneak Attack

The scoundrel gains Sneak Attack as a rogue of his level. The scoundrel may sneak attack non-living creatures, ones without discernible anatomies, or ones immune to critical hits, but his sneak attack damage is halved while doing so.


As a full-round action, the blue mage may move up to his base speed while also searching each 5’ square immediately in front of him for traps. He must “take 10” when using this ability, and can not make a check for squares searched in this way. If the blue mage reduces his speed to only half of his base speed, he may “take 15” for the round instead. The blue mage may do this in difficult circumstances and without penalty, but he is limited to only finding those traps he could otherwise find based on his ranks in Devices.

Lesser Archetype Power

At 2nd level, the scoundrel chooses one of the archetypes from the list below. Once made, this choice is final. He gains the appropriate lesser power for his archetype.

Exit Strategy

At 3rd level, the scoundrel gains a +4 to attacks made while flanking, instead of +2. The scoundrel also gains Evasion and Uncanny Dodge.

Moderate Archetype Power

At 4th level, the scoundrel gains the appropriate moderate power for his archetype.

Underhanded Tactics

At 3rd level, the scoundrel gains a +4 to attacks made while flanking, instead of +2, and inflicts an extra point of sneak attack damage per die while doing so.

Greater Archetype Power

At 6th level, the scoundrel gains the appropriate greater power for his archetype.

A Dash of Rogue

At 6th level, once per encounter, the scoundrel may make use of one of the three following abilities:

  • Close Shave: The scoundrel may immediately choose to ignore an attack or spell that would otherwise have killed him or brought him to negative hit points, as if the attack had missed. He may then immediately take a standard action.
  • Critical Strike: If the opponent is completely unaware of the scoundrel, he may maximize all sneak attack damage dealt to that opponent for a round.
  • Something:

Scoundrel Archetypes

  • Lesser Archetype Power
    A cutthroat gains the ability to learn and initiate Maneuvers, and selects one discipline from the list to learn maneuvers from. He learns three 1st level maneuvers from that discipline; at least one of them must be a stance. Every level after this one, he learns an additional maneuver, gaining access to 2nd level maneuvers at 4th. These maneuvers are each usable once per encounter, except for stances.

    In addition,
  • Moderate Archetype Power
    A cutthroat may perform a Coup de Grace as a standard action.
  • Greater Archetype Power
    A cutthroat gains the Death Attack ability.
  • Lesser Archetype Power
    A phantom may move at full speed without penalty when hiding and may take 10 on Hide and Move Silently checks, even if stressed or endangered.
  • Moderate Archetype Power
    If a phantom is completely unobserved (allies excluded), he may become invisible for a number of rounds equal to his class level as a full round action. The invisibility ends if the phantom attacks any creature. This is a supernatural ability.
  • Greater Archetype Power
    A phantom gains permanent 20% concealment and may hide in plain sight as long as there is a shadow within ten feet, excepting his own shadow.
  • Lesser Archetype Power
    A silencer is trained in the use of poison and never risks poisoning himself when applying it to a weapon. He may also apply poison as a swift action and does not provoke attacks of opportunity for doing so.
  • Moderate Archetype Power
    The DC of any poison used by a silencer is increased by 2, and each application of poison lasts for two hits rather than being used up after one. In addition, he may force an opponent to reroll a save against one of his poisons once per encounter – he may do this after the result of the first roll is announced, but must abide by the result of the second.
  • Greater Archetype Power
    A silencer becomes immune to poison, and may now overcome an opponent immunity to poison to a certain degree – against all opponents immune to poison, a silencer’s poisons still apply, but only with half of their effect and with a -4 penalty to their DC. If the poison causes unconsciousness, it only causes the dazed condition instead against an opponent immune to poison.
  • Lesser Archetype Power
    A thief-acrobat rolls two dice when making Acrobatics, Athletics, Escape Artistry, and Jumping checks, and takes the better of the two results. He also needs only move ten feet to get a running start for a jump.
  • Moderate Archetype Power
    A thief-acrobat no longer needs a running start when jumping, and may ignore falling damage of up to 60 feet. He also gains a base climb speed of 30 feet.
  • Greater Archetype Power
    A thief-acrobat does not provoke attacks of opportunity for moving through an opponent’s threatened area, and gains Improved Evasion.
Umbral Scion
  • Lesser Archetype Power
    An umbral scion may use Shadow Magic fundamentals and mysteries as a shadowcaster of his level. He does not suffer arcane failure for casting while wearing light armor.
  • Moderate Archetype Power
    An umbral scion gains bonus mysteries per day for having a high Intelligence score.
  • Greater Archetype Power
    An umbral scion may choose one 4th-level mystery, and may cast it a single time per day.

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