Maneuvers represent special attacks, tricks, or abilities that are available to characters in combat. There are four different types of maneuvers:

  • Strikes are usually standard or full-round actions, and are special attacks or series of attacks.
  • Boosts are usually swift or move actions, and enhance the character’s combat capabilities for the round.
  • Counters are immediate actions, used as a response to certain enemy actions.
  • Stances are activated as a swift action, and provide a passive benefit as long as the character remains in the stance.

Most maneuvers are expended after being used, and are regained by resting at the end of the encounter. The exceptions are stances, which can be entered at will and last until the character chooses to end them. Certain archetypes give characters a way to regain expended maneuvers in the middle of the encounter.

Following this are the lists of disciplines for each character class. These are only suggestions; if you really want to learn a discipline from another class list, feel free. Note that almost all of the disciplines are homebrewed and thus don’t have the benefit of an editor. If you catch something screwy, or if a maneuver relies on a skill that we’ve nixed or is invalidated by a change we’ve made, bring it to our attention and we’ll make a ruling.

Aspirant ()

Brawler ()

Gladiator ()

Marksman ()

Sentinel ()

Zealot ()

Other Classes

Certain archetypes of other classes also gain the ability to learn maneuvers.

Cannoneer (Engineer)
Cutthroat (Scoundrel)
Drifter (Explorer)
Razor (Subliminal)
Sawbones (Engineer)
Spellsword (Red Mage)

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