Combat Feats

Basic Feats

These feats can be selected by any character who meets the requirements.

Blindfighting [Combat]

Benefit: You may reroll all miss chances caused by concealment, and creatures you can’t see don’t gain bonuses when attacking you. You also can move your full speed even when unable to see.

Cleave [Combat]

Requires: BAB +1
Benefit: Whenever you drop a creature with a melee attack, you may immediately take a 5ft step (even if you’ve already moved that round) and make an against a creature with the same weapon and attack bonus.

Combat Focus [Combat]

Benefit: When you are in a situation that is stressful and/or dangerous enough that you would normally be unable to “take 10” on skill checks, you may spend a swift action to gain Combat Focus. You may end your Combat Focus at any time to reroll any die roll you make, and if not used it ends on its own after a number of rounds equal to your Base Attack Bonus.

Combat Opportunist [Combat]

Benefit: You may make an additional two attacks of opportunity each round.

Martial Discovery [Combat]

Benefit: You select one martial discipline that you do not have access to. You learn a 1st-level stance from this discipline, and whenever you learn new maneuvers you may select them from this discipline.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times.

Martial Study [Combat]

Requires: BAB +1, knowledge of a martial stance
Benefit: You learn two Maneuvers from any discipline you know a stance from. If your class and archetype grant you no ability to learn maneuvers, you may only learn 1st-level maneuvers; otherwise, you may learn maneuvers of any level you have access to. If you have a way to recover a maneuver, it applies to those granted by this feat; if not, these maneuvers are each useable once per encounter.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times.

Mounted Combat [Combat]

Requires: BAB +1
Benefit: When making a Ride check, you may use your Base Attack Bonus + your Dexterity Modifier + 3 in place of your normal Ride modifier. You may take 10 on this replacement Ride check at any time, even under pressure or in combat.

Precise Shot [Combat]

Requires: BAB +1
Benefit: You halve all range penalties to attacks, and don’t suffer penalties for firing at creatures involved in a melee or grapple.

Point-Blank Shot [Combat]

Benefit: You may make attacks of opportunity with ranged weapons as if they threatened a range of ten feet, and do not provoke attacks of opportunity for using a ranged weapon.

Rapid Reload [Combat]


Rapid Shot [Combat]

Requires: BAB +1
Benefit: You may make an additional primary ranged attack as part of a standard attack or full attack. However, all attacks you make this round take a -2 penalty.

Spring Attack [Combat]

Requires: BAB +1
Benefit: When you take a move action, you can take your standard action for the round at any point during your movement.

Two-Weapon Fighting [Combat]

Requires: BAB +1
Benefit: When you are multiple weapons, you can count two of them as primary attacks, chosen at the start of your turn. If you make a standard attack with one weapon, you can attack with the other as part of the same action.

Whirlwind [Combat]

Requires: BAB +3
Benefit: As a standard action, you can make an attack against every creature within reach. You make a single attack roll with one weapon, and compare the result to the AC of each creature.

Epic Feats

Characters must be 6th-level before selecting these feats, in addition to any other requirements.

Martial Heightening [Combat] [Epic]

Requires: Knowledge of seven martial maneuvers, including at least one stance
Benefit: You increase the level of Maneuvers you have access to by one level, and immediately learn one maneuver from any discipline you already know a stance from.

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Combat Feats

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