Artifice is an applied skill. With it, you can craft almost anything you please, eventually even magic items, as well as repair damaged items. Those with exceptional skill in Artifice can enchant items better than any caster can.

Key Attribute: Intelligence
Racial Skill for: Godforged
Class Skill for: Aspirant, Blue Mage, Engineer, Red Mage, Sage

Check Modifiers

Circumstance Example Check Modifier
Item doesn’t fall under a discipline you know Trying to make/repair/improve a sword with little knowledge of weaponsmithing. -10
Lacking proper tools Trying to make/repair/improve a sword without hammer and anvil -5
Lacking a proper work environment Trying to make/repair/improve a sword with no access to a forge. -5


Learn Craft

For every rank you place in Artifice, you gain knowledge of one crafting discipline for no cost; you keep track of these just like you would the languages you speak. Any item you attempt to craft or work on that falls under one of your disciplines can be produced using your full skill bonus. You can attempt to craft other items, but your check for doing so is at a -10 penalty due to your unfamiliarity with the process.

Rank 1 Uses


The full crafting rules can be found here. When you want to craft an item, use those rules to determine the DC, base time required, and any raw materials needed. After you assemble those materials and commit to the crafting, make an Artifice check; your check result determines how well your attempt goes and exactly how long that takes.

Base DC: Determined by type of item.
Check Result:

  • DC+5 and above: Not only do you successfully make the item, you do it in half the time. For every additional +5 by which you exceed the DC, halve again the time.
  • DC+0 to DC+4: You make the item in the normal amount of time.
  • DC-1 to DC-5: Something goes awry in the crafting process. You can choose to cut your losses and start over, wasting half the amount of time normally required to produce the item but keeping all raw materials. Alternatively, you can press on; the crafting is successful, but the resulting item is of Poor quality.
  • DC-6 and below: The crafting is a complete failure, and you lose the raw materials.
Repair (Rushable)

It’s generally easier to fix than to build from scratch. With 10 minutes and a successful Artifice check, you can restore a damaged or broken item to usability.

Base DC: Item’s Craft DC. Can be rushed.
Check Result:

  • DC+0 and above: You restore 1d6 HP to the item. For every 5 points by which you exceed the DC, double this amount. (2d6 for up to 5 points over, 4d6 for up to 10 points over, etc.)
  • DC-1 and below: You make no progress in repairing the item.

Rank 4 Uses

Batch Crafter

You can churn out regular items like there’s no tomorrow. For every -2 penalty you accept on your Craft check, you double the amount of that item you can create. You still require the raw materials for all these items; this ability just lets you Craft them simultaneously.

Rank 6 Uses


An expert in your craft, you can take an item and make it better. This takes half the amount time normally required to Craft the item, and higher check results can similarly decrease it. The DC and end product depends on what you’re upgrading from:

  • If the item is Poor quality, success bumps it up to Standard. The DC for doing this is the item’s Craft DC -5.
  • If the item is Standard quality, success bumps it up to Masterwork, and you can pick an appropriate customization for it. The DC for upgrading a standard item is the item’s Craft DC.
  • If the item is already Masterwork, success adds a new customization to the item. There’s no hard limit on how many customizations an item can possess; however, the DC for further customizing a Masterwork item is the item’s Craft DC + 5 for each customization already present.

You can apply Batch Crafter to this ability to upgrade multiple items at once, provided that all of the items to be upgraded are identical. Whichever masterwork customization (if any) you choose must be applied to every item.

Note: Only finished products can be upgraded; you can not improve upon intermediate items or components (such as those used for weapon or armor crafting).

Base DC: Item’s Craft DC, -5 if Poor quality item or +5 per customization present.
Check Result:

  • DC+5 and above: Not only do you successfully upgrade the item, you do it in half the time. For every additional +5 by which you exceed the DC, halve again the time.
  • DC+0 to DC+4: If the item was of Poor quality, it is now a Standard item. If it was of Standard quality, it is now a Masterwork item, and you can apply an appropriate customization to the item. If the item was already of Masterwork quality, you add a new customization to the item.
  • DC-1 and below: The item is unchanged.

Rank 8 Uses


You can now craft magical items, substituting your ranks in Artifice – 3 for your caster/manifester level if it is greater (or if you don’t have a caster/manifester level). You still need to have the appropriate spells (or get someone else to cast them for you) or reagents.

…In a Cave…

This ability lets you ignore the check penalty for an improper work environment – as long as you have some tools on hand, you’re good. Additionally, you can make what you have go farther – the amount of any mundane raw materials you need to procure (and thus the cost, if any) is halved.

Rank 10 Uses

Forge Artificer

You use your full ranks in Artifice for your caster level when crafting Magic items.

…With a Box of Scraps!

You can work perfectly well with whatever you have on hand, and don’t need any fancy tools. This ability lets you ignore the check penalties for improper tools, and you don’t need raw materials for any mundane item you craft, provided you aren’t using a special material (such as adamantine). Even if you are, the amount you need (and thus the cost, if you’re trying to buy them) is halved.

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