HD: d6
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Concentration, Creature Handling, Intimidation, Legerdemain, Luminance
Skill Points: 2 per level

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Power Points Powers Known Maximum Power Level Known
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Manifesting, Focused Surge 3 3 1st
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Lesser Archetype Power 9 5 1st
3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 Psionic Knack 15 7 2nd
4th +2 +1 +1 +4 Moderate Archetype Power 23 9 2nd
5th +2 +1 +1 +4 Energetic Efficiency 32 11 3rd
6th +3 +2 +2 +5 Greater Archetype Power, Capstone PLA 44 13 3rd

The kinetic is proficient with light armor and simple weapons.

The kinetic learns three powers at first level, and two additional power each level thereafter, all chosen from the list below or from those granted by his mantles. The kinetic can manifest any power he knows at any time, as long as he has the necessary power points. All power points are recovered after eight hours of rest. His sole manifesting stat is Intelligence, which dictates both the DC of his powers and his bonus power points. To manifest a power, the kinetic must have a Intelligence score equal to 10 + the level of the power in question.

Focused Surge
Whenever a kinetic manifests a power, he may choose to use augment it with this ability, attempting to increase his effective manifester level (and therefore the augmentation cap) without increasing the amount of power points spent (the extra power points are supplied by this power – the kinetic does not need to spend points from his own pool). This ability is unreliable, however – it adds 1d4-2 to his manifester level, potentially decreasing it – and if the total manifester level has a lower cap on power points than the kinetic originally spent, the difference is wasted. This ability may not stack with Overchannel.

Lesser Archetype Power
At 2nd level, the kinetic chooses one of the archetypes from the list below. Once made, this choice is final. He gains the appropriate lesser power for his archetype. He also adds the listed powers to his powers known when he is capable of manifesting that level of powers. If the kinetic already knows a power that would be granted to him, he may select another power of the same level from the list.

Psionic Knack

Moderate Archetype Power
At 4th level, the kinetic gains the appropriate moderate power for his archetype.

Energetic Efficiency
At 5th level, the kinetic reduces the extra power point cost associated with metapsionic feats by 2, to a minimum of 0.

Greater Archetype Power
At 6th level, the kinetic gains the appropriate greater power for his archetype.

Capstone PLA
At 6th level, the kinetic gains the ability to manifest a particular power as a psi-like ability 1/day, as appropriate for his archetype. His manifester level is equal to his hit dice, and the DC of the power, if applicable, is equal to 10 + 1/2 his hit dice + his Intelligence modifier.

Kinetic Power List

Kinetic Archetypes

  • Bonus Powers
  • Capstone PLA: Wall of Ectoplasm
  • Lesser Archetype Power: Astral constructs under an architect’s control gain a +2 bonus to hit points per hit die, and a +2 on attack and damage rolls. In addition, he may manifest the astral construct power as a standard action.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: While psionically focused, an architect may share senses with any construct within 10 feet per level. He may manifest powers from that construct’s space as if he occupied it for the purposes of determining range, origin square, and line of sight and effect. He may also use powers with a range of personal on that construct.
  • Greater Archetype Power: By expending psionic focus, an architect may summon an additional astral construct when manifesting that power, at no extra cost. The additional construct has the same statistics and abilities as the original. Alternatively, the architect may expend it to receive a +1 bonus to manifester level when summoning astral constructs, allowing him to augment the power high enough to summon 4th-level constructs.
  • Bonus Powers
  • Capstone PLA: Energy Ball
  • Lesser Archetype Power: When manifesting a power that allows an energist to select an energy type (fire, cold, electricity, or sonic), the energist may also select acid or force. Acid damage does extra damage equal to the number of damage dice rolled for 3 rounds after it successfully hits a foe (so a power that caused 3d6 acid damage would do 3 acid damage for the next three rounds), but a successful save against the original power negates the recurring damage. Force damage reduces the damage die by one step, but ignores all damage reduction, cover, and concealment (except total cover or concealment).
  • Moderate Archetype Power: While psionically focused, an energist gains resistance 5 to all elemental damage types he is capable of utilizing – acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, and sonic.
  • Greater Archetype Power: By expending psionic focus, an energist can cause any damaging power he manifests to recur the following round, doing half its original damage (rounded down) to any and all targets it successfully afflicts in the original round. If there was a save for half damage originally, the recurrence also offers a save for half damage.
  • Bonus Powers
  • Capstone PLA: Rending Rift
  • Lesser Archetype Power: A gravitic reduces the speed of all opponents within 60 feet by 10 feet (to a minimum of 5 feet). This ability does not stack with that of other gravitics.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: While psionically focused, all squares within 15 feet of a gravitic are treated as difficult terrain for opponents.
  • Greater Archetype Power: A gravitic may expend psionic focus to deny one opponent within 60 feet the ability to fly for 3 rounds. There is no save against this ability, but any opponents affected in such a way descend in a controlled fall at a rate of 60 feet per round, and take no falling damage.
  • Bonus Powers
  • Capstone PLA: Control Body
  • Lesser Archetype Power: Powers manifested by a telephasm that do physical or force damage receives a +1 bonus to their damage per damage die.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: A telephasm may expend psionic focus to release a wave of psionic energy – all opponents within fifteen feet must make a Reflex save (DC equal to 10 + 1/2 the telephasm’s HD + the telephasm’s Intelligence modifier) or be knocked prone and pushed ten feet away from the telekinetic.
  • Greater Archetype Power: While a telephasm is psionically focused, opponents must make a Fortitude save to step into a square adjacent to a telephasm. The DC is equal to 10 + 1/2 the telephasm’s HD + the telephasm’s Intelligence modifier. Even if they save, the square is considered difficult terrain.
  • Bonus Powers
  • Capstone PLA: Psionic Fly
  • Lesser Archetype Power: A transmigrant increases the speed of all allies (including himself) within 60 feet by 10 feet.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: A transmigrant may expend psionic focus as an immediate action to instantly teleport up to his move speed in any direction, provided he has line of effect to the destination.
  • Greater Archetype Power: A transmigrant may levitate at will while psionically focused, normally hovering a foot off the ground. While levitating, the transmigrant may move his speed horizontally (vertical movement is limited to 10 feet per round) and perform actions normally. Unlike similar abilities, a transmigrant does not take penalties to attack rolls while levitating. If the transmigrant loses psionic focus, he instantly begins to fall.
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