Green Mage

HD: d6
Class Skills: Affability, Concentration, Creature Handling, Healing, Mysticism, Perception, Survival
Skill Points: 2 per level

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special 0 1 2 3
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Spellcasting, Shapeshifting 5 4 - -
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Lesser Archetype Power 6 5 - -
3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 Whispers of Nature 6 6 3 -
4th +2 +1 +1 +4 Moderate Archetype Power 6 6 4 -
5th +2 +1 +1 +4 Power from the Land 6 6 5 3
6th +3 +2 +2 +5 Greater Archetype Power, Capstone SLA 6 6 6 4

The green mage is proficient with light armor, simple weapons, the scimitar, the shortbow, and the greatclub. He does not suffer from arcane failure while in light armor, though he suffers normally from all other kinds of armor and shields.

The green mage casts arcane spells from a specialized list, which is included below. The green mage need not prepare spells ahead of time – he may spontaneously cast any spell on his list from the appropriate slot. He still requires eight hours of rest to refresh his spells. His sole casting stat is Wisdom, which dictates both the DC of his spells and his bonus spells. To cast a spell, the green mage must have a Wisdom score equal to 10 + the level of spell in question.
Special: The green mage may add his Wisdom modifier instead of his Intelligence modifier to all Mysticism checks.

The green mage gains the wild shape ability, with the following changes: he may shift into an alternate form an unlimited number of times per day, even at level one (though he is still may not take forms greater than his own hit dice). He is not healed upon shifting. Shifting into an alternate form requires a swift action and may only be done once per round. He may not choose dire animals or dinosaurs. He may never cast spells when in an alternate form. This ability does not qualify him for feats that require wild shape, nor may he use it to fuel abilities that require the expenditure of a use of wild shape.

Lesser Archetype Power
At 2nd level, the green mage chooses one of the archetypes from the list below. Once made, this choice is final. He gains the appropriate lesser power for his archetype. He also adds the listed spells to his spell list when he is capable of casting that level of spells.

Whispers of Nature

Moderate Archetype Power
At 4th level, the green mage gains the appropriate moderate power for his archetype.

Power from the Land
At 5th level, when in a natural environment, the green mage gains a +1 bonus to caster level and a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls.

Greater Archetype Power
At 6th level, the green mage gains the appropriate greater power for his archetype.

Capstone SLA
At 6th level, the green mage gains the knowledge of two particular 4th-level spells and may choose one of them each day to cast as an SLA 1/day, as appropriate for his archetype. His caster level is equal to his hit dice, and the DC of the spell, if applicable, is equal to 10 + 1/2 his hit dice + his Wisdom modifier.

Green Mage Spell List

Green Mage Archetypes

  • Bonus Spells:
  • Capstone SLA: Blood Briars or Reincarnate
  • Lesser Archetype Power: When in direct sunlight, a chloromancer gains fast healing 2.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: A chloromancer can choose to share his fast healing with any and all allies within five feet. He must still be in direct sunlight and his allies must be touching him to benefit.
  • Greater Archetype Power A chloromancer takes on some characteristics of the plant he venerates: he becomes immune to critical hits, though he also develops a vulnerability to fire and takes 50% more damage from it.
  • Bonus Spells:
  • Capstone SLA: Defenestrating Sphere or Heart of Stone
  • Lesser Archetype Power: An elementalist gains the services of a small elemental as a companion, which is treated in all ways like an animal companion except that it does not receive any bonuses for advancement except for Share Spells, Evasion, and Devotion. He may choose from water, earth, or air elementals. He also gains Aquan, Auran, and Terran as bonus languages if he does not already possess them.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: An elementalist gains a small amount of resistance depending on the type of his elemental companion. He gains either acid resistance 5 (Earth), cold resistance 5 (Water), or lightning resistance 5 (Air). In addition, his companion becomes a medium elemental of the same type.
  • Greater Archetype Power An elementalist takes on some aspect of his elemental companion. Air elementalists receive a 20 foot fly speed with perfect maneuverability. Earth elementalists receive a 10 foot burrow speed. Water elementalists receive a 20 foot swim speed and the ability to permanently breathe underwater. In addition, he may choose from small or medium elementals when shifting.
  • Bonus Spells:
  • Capstone SLA: Murderous Mist or Venom Bolt
  • Lesser Archetype Power: Reptilian creatures of animal intelligence will not attack an ophidian unless provoked, and will fight on his behalf. The ophidian may not command them directly, but they will do their best to attack his foes. In addition, the attitude of any intelligent reptilian or snake-like creatures that the ophidian encounters is one step friendlier.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: An ophidian becomes immune to injury poisons and gains resistance to acid 5. In addition, he may select dinosaur forms when shifting.
  • Greater Archetype Power: An ophidian may transmit black adder venom with his natural attacks while shifted. The DC of this venom is equal to 10 + half the ophidian’s level + the ophidian’s Constitution modifier.
  • Bonus Spells:
  • Capstone SLA: Stoneskin or Sudden Stalagmite
  • Lesser Archetype Power: A subterranean possesses darkvision out to 60 feet. If the subterranean already possesses darkvision, it doubles in range.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: A subterranean gains the ability to walk on walls or ceiling as if under the Spider Climb spell, as long as those surfaces are made of earth or stone.
  • Greater Archetype Power: A subterranean may use the earth glide ability of an earth elemental, though he must hold his breath and may begin to suffocate as normal.
  • Bonus Spells:
  • Capstone SLA: Essence of the Raptor or Vortex of Teeth
  • Lesser Archetype Power: While shifted, a wildling’s natural weapons do damage as if they were one category larger. In addition, a wildling may select dire animals when shifting.
  • Moderate Archetype Power: A wildling may treat himself as of the animal type for the purpose of his spells, and may cast spells affecting his natural weapons even if he possesses none at the time – if he shifts into a form that does possess them, and the duration of the spell has not run out, they apply to his natural weapons in that form.
  • Greater Archetype Power: A wildling is treated as being two levels higher for the purposes of shifting, allowing him to take the forms of large animals and changing his HD cap to 8.
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Green Mage

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