HD: d10
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Cultures, Endurance, Escape Artistry, Intimidation, Jump, Perception, Stealth
Skill Points: 4 per level

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Class Features Maneuvers Known Maximum Maneuver Level
1st +1 +2 +2 +0 Maneuvers, Fight Smarter and Harder 2 1
2nd +2 +3 +3 +0 Lesser Archetype Feature 3 1
3rd +3 +3 +3 +1 Elusive Target 4 2
4th +4 +4 +4 +1 Moderate Archetype Feature 5 2
5th +5 +4 +4 +1 Faster than the Naked Eye 6 3
6th +6 +5 +5 +2 Greater Archetype Feature, Perfect Harmony 7 3

The brawler is proficient with light armor and simple weapons. He is also proficient with improvised weapons.


The brawler has the ability to learn and initiate Maneuvers, and selects one discipline to learn maneuvers from. He knows two 1st level maneuvers from that discipline; at least one of them must be a stance. Every level after the first, he learns an additional maneuver. These maneuvers are each usable once per encounter, except for stances.

Fight Smarter and Harder

The brawler gains either his Intelligence modifier or his Wisdom modifier(whichever is higher) as a bonus to his AC as long as he is wearing light or no armor, unencumbered, and not equipped with a shield. This bonus increases by 1 at 3rd level and 2 at 5th level, and applies to touch attacks and when the brawler is flat-footed. His slam damage increases by one step, increasing again by a second step at 4th level. If he doesn’t have a natural slam attack, then this and all future class features apply to his primary natural weapon instead.

Lesser Archetype Feature

At 2nd level, the brawler chooses one of the archetypes from the list below. Once made, this choice is final. He gains the appropriate lesser feature for his archetype.

Elusive Target

At 3rd level, the brawler gains Uncanny Dodge. He also adds 10 feet to his base land speed.

Moderate Archetype Feature

At 4th level, the brawler gains the appropriate moderate feature for his archetype.

Faster than the Naked Eye

At 5th level, whenever the brawler fights unarmed, he can make an extra primary slam attack as part of a standard or full attack. He also gains Evasion

Greater Archetype Feature

At 6th level, the brawler gains the appropriate greater feature for his archetype.

Perfect Harmony

At 6th level, once per encounter, the brawler may make use of one of the three following abilities:

  • Blink and You’ll Miss Me: As a swift action, the brawler may move up to his base land speed, even if he has already moved that round. In addition, he gains 50% concealment for one round.
  • Hammer Fist: The brawler may choose to inflict maximum damage on one slam attack. This ability may be declared after the roll to hit succeeds. The receiving opponent must make a Fortitude save (with a DC equal to the amount of damage dealt) or be stunned for one round.
  • Mystic Resonance: As an immediate action, the brawler can negate one spell or spell-like ability cast upon him, as if he possessed insurmountable spell resistance. He may negate a spell with an area of effect, but if he does, all others in the area are affected as usual. The brawler is also restored a number of hit points equal to his level multiplied by his Intelligence or Wisdom modifier, whichever is higher.

Breathstealer (Archetype)

Power Lock (Lesser Archetype Feature)

A breathstealer gains Improved Grab, and is treated as being one size larger than he actually is for the purposes of grappling.

No Escape (Moderate Archetype Feature)

When the breathstealer grapples an opponent, if that opponent has an effect that damages attackers (such as Fire Shield), he reduces the damage he takes by his level. In addition, he can can Constrict his opponent for his base slam attack damage.

Grab Reflex (Greater Archetype Feature)

As an immediate action, the breathstealer can initiate a grapple against an opponent within reach that has just missed him with an attack. Additionally, he may use his Improved Grab ability against opponents of any size he can grapple.

Bruiser (Archetype)

Battlefist (Lesser Archetype Feature)

A bruiser replaces a hand of his choice with a crafted replica. Treat this as a masterwork weapon, giving his slam attacks a +1 bonus to attack rolls and allowing them to do damage as if he were one size larger. It may also be enchanted further. The battlefist does not affect his ability to perform dexterous tasks or those requiring fine manipulation. In addition, his slam attacks are considered to be cold iron for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Far Fist (Moderate Archetype Feature)

The bruiser’s slam attacks are now considered to have reach, though he may still attack adjacent opponents. In addition, his slam attacks are considered to be silver for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Air Render (Greater Archetype Feature)

As a standard action, the bruiser may make a slam attack as a ranged touch attack against any foe within thirty feet that he could normally target with a ranged attack. In addition, his slam attacks are considered to be adamantine for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction and hardness.

Inebriate (Archetype)

Glug Glug Glug (Lesser Archetype Feature)

An inebriate may imbibe a drink as a move action. This grants him a +2 bonus to a physical ability score and a -2 penalty to a mental ability score, both of his choice. He can benefit from a maximum number of drinks equal to his level, and the bonus to any ability score cannot exceed his level. The effect of each drink lasts for an hour. In addition, when using improvised weapons, the inebriate deals either that weapon’s damage or his slam damage, whichever is greater, and can use improvised weapons for any class feature that requires him to fight unarmed.

“I Did What Now?” (Moderate Archetype Feature)

When the inebriate first begins drinking, he can select any [Combat] feat that he meets the prerequisites for. He benefits from that feat until he no longer continues to be under the effect of a drink. He can also take a drink as a swift action.

“How the Hell Did I Get Here?” (Greater Archetype Feature)

The inebriate, while under the effect of a drink, can teleport his speed as a move action, provided that no one is paying attention (defined as actively watching or listening to him, or being directly engaged in combat with him). In addition, whenever someone misses him with an attack while he’s under the effect of a drink, he can take a 5ft step as a free action.

Martial Artist (Archetype)

Barehanded Initiator (Lesser Archetype Feature)

A martial artist may learn Maneuvers from one additional discipline, chosen when he selects this archetype. He learns a 1st-level stance from that discipline in addition to the maneuver he normally learns this level, and learns two maneuvers every level hereafter instead of one. In any round where he doesn’t use a maneuver, he can spend a swift action to center himself and recover one expended maneuver. In addition, he may use class abilities that normally require him to be unarmed as long as he uses improvised melee weapons or melee weapons that the monk is normally proficient with (which he is now considered proficient with).

Meditative Attacks (Moderate Archetype Feature)

The martial artist may add either his Intelligence or his Wisdom modifier (whichever is higher) as a bonus to attack and damage rolls when executing strikes that do damage.

Combat Flow (Greater Archetype Feature)

The martial artist may change stances as an immediate action.

Ravager (Archetype)

Whirling Frenzy (Lesser Archetype Feature)

A ravager may enter a Whirling Frenzy once per encounter, provided he is not fatigued or exhausted. In addition, his slam attacks effectively become claw attacks, and thus can inflict bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage as he chooses.

Close Combat (Moderate Archetype Feature)

If the ravager is attacking a creature that has an effect that damages attackers (such as Fire Shield), he reduces damage taken by his level. In addition, the ravager’s damage with natural weapons increases by a step.

Primal Fury (Greater Archetype Feature)

If the ravager connects with at least two unarmed attacks on the same opponent on the same turn, he automatically rends that opponent for an amount of damage equal to his base slam attack damage plus his Strength modifier. The ravager is healed for an amount equal to the rending damage caused. In addition, he may enter a Whirling Frenzy while he is fatigued, though not exhausted; he still becomes fatigued when it ends (or exhausted, if he is already fatigued).

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